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SAMHSA National Guidelines for Behavioral Crisis Care (Toolkit)

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The National Guidelines for Crisis Care – A Best Practice Toolkit advances national guidelines in crisis care within a toolkit that supports program design, development, implementation and continuous quality improvement efforts. Itis intended to help mental health authorities, agency administrators, service providers, state and local leaders think through and develop the structure of crisis systems that meet community needs. This toolkit includes distinct sections for:

  • Defining national guidelines in crisis care;
  • Tips for implementing care that aligns with national guidelines; and
  • Tools to evaluate alignment of systems to national guidelines.

In preparing this information, we could think of no one better to advise you than people who have worked successfully with crisis systems of care. Therefore, we based the information in this toolkit on the experience of veteran crisis system leaders and administrators as well as the individuals and families who have relied on these supports on their worst days. The interviews in
this report’s addendum showcase the diversity and richness of this expertise and experience.